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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A winning resolution!

My Friend Amy (not her real name) is a lucky person. I've never known anyone this lucky. I'm not talking about love, wealth or looks (although she's very pretty and lovely) I'm talking about random winning. If there's a competition, Amy will win it.

As a kid, she was the one in your school who won a years supply of Mars Bars (really!), now as an adult she wins everything from a years supply of soap powder to £500 to spend in Diane Von Furstenburg! A month ago it was a free trip to Paris and last fortnight it was tickets to a champaign reception and seats to see Hello Dolly (which she very kindly invited me too!)

So, from this you will see that this girl either has a very lucky charm or knows how to cheat! So i asked her, "how are you this damn lucky?!!" Her answer was simple; "I'm not, I just enter a lot of competitions."

Surely though, it's not that easy? Is it? If it were we'd all be winners, all the time. But then when I sat down and thought about it I realised how many competitions I pass up the chance of entering everyday. Tons! we're bombarded with them! and how many times do we complain about never winning everything? Amy isn't lucky, she's just very savvy and takes an opportunity when she sees it. A lesson we can all follow.

So, two weeks ago I decided to take a leaf out of Amy's book and start entering more competitions! But, I have certain rules:
  1.  I only enter competitions for things that I actually would love to have, wanting to win so you could sell it is greedy greedy greedy!
  2. Only enter competitions I stumble upon. Don't go looking for them.
  3. Don't give my life away, If a competition is asking for way too much personal information, be very wary!! you could either end up with an inbox full of viagra emails or worse, have your identity stolen.
This morning I turned on my computer to find I had won my first competition of this experiment!!! and i'm not kidding, it's one that I really really hoped to win, it's a free unique web design for this very blog! The talented Freya will be giving my blog a makeover so watch this space!! the competition was hosted by Mel at 'so about what I said...' I can't wait!

So next time you flick through a magazine and dream about winning that luxury spa break, ENTER IT!!!

Photo via minianna


nattybumbum said...

Yay well done Leah!


Freya said...

I can totally relate to that. I dont go looking for giveaways and most of the time I don't even bother to enter. But I was astonished when I won something for the first time - A pair of fake nails from my fave fashion blog!

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