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Monday, 4 May 2009

Love her style... Nicola Roberts

I'm really admiring Nicola Roberts' new look. So pleased she has ditched the bronzer and harsh hair colour in favour of a more natural look. The choppy bob also really suits her. Definately my favourite girls aloud member.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

I just ADORE...

... Everything in this picture! this look is so beautiful.

Today I made... Magazine Bowl

I saw these in Octopus for about £20 each and thought i'd try and make one myself. I have enough magazines in the flat!
It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, although a bit messy and time consuming. This bowl used about half a magazine. I'm really pleased with the finished product though! It's actually quite strong and it makes an original alternative to putting my old magazines in the recycling!

I'm waiting for...Peonies

Love these flowers so much! they're just so chintzy... not in season yet though :-( I love the one in the jamjar.

Today i feel like...Cupcakes

Well most days i do actually. But these amazing cupcakes have inspired me! my two favorite things combined; Bows and cake!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

I need this in my life...

Oh how i love this Forever 21 dress! if only we had a store in the UK!!
We gave America Topshop, the least they could do is return the favour.

I want to have a garden party!!

I found this picture on another blog and just thought it was absolutely beautiful, it makes me feel all summery and now I want to have an evening party in the garden, if only i had a garden... I love how secret it all looks and how magical the lanterns make it.

How nice would something like this be for a wedding!

Look what I made...Teacup Candles

I just love old floral odd teacups and they make such pretty candle holders!
I'm so pleased with how these came out.

Today I love...Portobello road

Got up bright and early this morning to go to Portobello road market and picked up these gorgeous victorian marmalade and paste pots. Think i may make a candle out of the smaller one.

I also picked up some really pretty old glass bottles which look so nice on my kitchen window.
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