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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Today I made... Magazine Bowl

I saw these in Octopus for about £20 each and thought i'd try and make one myself. I have enough magazines in the flat!
It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, although a bit messy and time consuming. This bowl used about half a magazine. I'm really pleased with the finished product though! It's actually quite strong and it makes an original alternative to putting my old magazines in the recycling!


Lindsey said...

Love these, cant believe you made them yourself!

leah said...

ooh thats a good thing!, cos one of them is your birthday present!

nattybumbum said...

Ohh my gosh Leah I came to your blog through Lindsey's and I must say I LOVE IT! how the devil did you make these bowls- you are such a lil crafter :-) Love it!

leah said...

thank you! Well since I have sock monkeys in my life because of you, I will show you how to make a bowl! I'll post some picture instructions with the next one I make xxx

nattybumbum said...

Leah... lookin at making one of these bowls but how did you finish off the top so it is nice and level and how did you make it so the ends of the folds weren't sticking out?

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