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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Outdoor Spaces

From previous blogs of mine (Party in the Garden, I want to have a Garden Party) you will see that i'm in love with dreamy garden parties on long summer nights. Yesterday I discovered the book 'Outdoor Spaces' from the wonderful people at Pottery Barn (which begs the question, why the heck doesn't London have a Pottery Barn yet??)
This book is definately on my Amazon wish list!

I wish I didn't live with boys, they just don't appreciate this sort of thing!

Brighton Brunch and Snoopers Paradise

Off to Brighton on Saturday with the lovely Miss Whiteford! I can't wait to hit the Lanes! There is on one shop in particular that I'm really looking forward to, it's called Snoopers Paradise and basically consists of dozens of individual antique/vintage/junk stalls all under one roof. Last Autumn when I went to Brighton with my Mum, we spent hours in there!

I also can't wait (If Lindsey's up for it) to try out 'Table', recently voted one of the best places to go for bruch by Stylist Magazine! Mmmmmm pancakes and bacon....

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Get busy with the fizzy

As pointless as they were, I always wanted my mum to buy a soda stream!!! Never happened though. But now, The Sodastream has been given a makeover and relaunched for the 21st century. Gin and Tonics anytime!

What do you do with 100 Courgettes?

We planted loads of courgette plants earlier this year thinking some wouldn't grow. They all grew. Massively!Plus, I had no idea each courgette plant would produce so many vegetables! So now we have literally tons of them!
So far, I have made courgette cake, lemon courgettes, and courgette fritters. I can tell I'm going to maybe get sick of the sight of them! In the meantime, anyone have any nice recipies?
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