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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A winning resolution!

My Friend Amy (not her real name) is a lucky person. I've never known anyone this lucky. I'm not talking about love, wealth or looks (although she's very pretty and lovely) I'm talking about random winning. If there's a competition, Amy will win it.

As a kid, she was the one in your school who won a years supply of Mars Bars (really!), now as an adult she wins everything from a years supply of soap powder to £500 to spend in Diane Von Furstenburg! A month ago it was a free trip to Paris and last fortnight it was tickets to a champaign reception and seats to see Hello Dolly (which she very kindly invited me too!)

So, from this you will see that this girl either has a very lucky charm or knows how to cheat! So i asked her, "how are you this damn lucky?!!" Her answer was simple; "I'm not, I just enter a lot of competitions."

Surely though, it's not that easy? Is it? If it were we'd all be winners, all the time. But then when I sat down and thought about it I realised how many competitions I pass up the chance of entering everyday. Tons! we're bombarded with them! and how many times do we complain about never winning everything? Amy isn't lucky, she's just very savvy and takes an opportunity when she sees it. A lesson we can all follow.

So, two weeks ago I decided to take a leaf out of Amy's book and start entering more competitions! But, I have certain rules:
  1.  I only enter competitions for things that I actually would love to have, wanting to win so you could sell it is greedy greedy greedy!
  2. Only enter competitions I stumble upon. Don't go looking for them.
  3. Don't give my life away, If a competition is asking for way too much personal information, be very wary!! you could either end up with an inbox full of viagra emails or worse, have your identity stolen.
This morning I turned on my computer to find I had won my first competition of this experiment!!! and i'm not kidding, it's one that I really really hoped to win, it's a free unique web design for this very blog! The talented Freya will be giving my blog a makeover so watch this space!! the competition was hosted by Mel at 'so about what I said...' I can't wait!

So next time you flick through a magazine and dream about winning that luxury spa break, ENTER IT!!!

Photo via minianna

Monday, 28 September 2009

I love Glee!!

If you haven't caught this amazing new teen comedy, check it out now!!

This clip in particular had me in stitches!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Followers - Have you met each other?

It's so nice having people to share my ramblings with! but do you know each other? if not, follow the links below. Go on, have a good old stalk...

Lindsey - Pretty in Pink
"Introducing my online dream box. I created a 'dream box' a few years ago which features cuttings from magazines of all things i like, fashion, hair styles, furniture, wall colours, shoes etc. This is my cyber version, hope you like x"

Tasha B - NattyBumBum
"The ramblings of a me - an easily excitable girl with a love for all things cute, tasty and pretty. With a small concentration span, not very much patience or skills :-/ But that is set to change... "

Jenny S - Stitcher Scribbler
"I'm Jenny Shaw, a self-described Stitcher and Scribbler. I like to make my thoughts and ideas become real, through scribbling, stitching and discovering new things. Questions, comments and conversation are always welcome! "

Niki - B.U.T (Beauty) Blog & Niki's Make up Rehab
"Hi Im 23. I went to school for environmental studies but am now channeling more creative energy and wish to get into the wonderful art of make up and cosmetics. "

Becky - Teacups & Cupcakes
"I like my tea milky, no sugar. I enjoy cooking and baking, but will always try to get out of the washing up. Home is London, in a fourth floor flat with red geraniums in the window boxes, a cupboard full of second hand china and an old dressing table that I sanded down and re-painted myself."

Yogi Tao Tea...

Today at work my lovely friend Piotr gave me some Yogi rose tea to try. It was delicious but what I loved most was the label on it. Every teabag has a 'fortune' or message on it!

Mine read: 'A persons greatness is measured not by their possessions but by their gifts.'

ahhhh so true...

So does this mean i'm going to get a gift? hehe i'm kidding of course. I can't wait to buy a box...

The great cake debate - Hummingbird Bakery Vs Candy Cakes

Cupcakes. We all love them, that, I do not question. But something has been troubling me, Candy Cakes.

This bakery is quietly taking over stores across london with it's cutsy designs and acid lurid colours. Candy Cakes is getting rave celeb reviews from Madonna to Kate Moss (like a cake has ever passed her lips!) yet I really do not like this bakery.

Call me a traditionalist but I like my cupcakes simple but with amazing buttery icing and pretty glitteryness. Not the nasty bright colours on offer at candy cakes.

Let's look at the evidence shall we;

Candy Cakes

Pros: Fun designs, celeb following, good locations
Cons: Lurid colour icing, pricey (£3/cake), more 'muffin' shaped than cup cakes, taste dry and horrible, revolting flavours.

Hummingbird Bakery

Pros: Simple yet pretty designs and flavours, good value (£1.50-£2.00/cake) Great location on portobello rd
Cons: Small shop gets very busy

I think Humming Bird wins hands down. But I'm bias in this debate. What do you think? check them both out by following the links below and decide for yourself.

Where is your favourite cupcake shop? I feel an 'A-Z of cupcakes shops' post coming on....

Humming Bird

Candy Cakes

Yey it's Friday!

Not that i'm wishing my life away mind, but I am pleased the weekend has come. I have lots of tidying to do and lots of new pictures to hang.

Some weekend insperations:

  • This jumper with the designers diary as inspiration is soo amazing!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Primark chain shoes

For the past 18 months Primarks chain ballet pumps have been a staple item in my wardroabe. I love them to pieces, quite literally in fact, I actually bought two pairs in one colour so as to have a 'standby pair.'

Since last year I have bought 8 pairs in all different colours. Yes I'm obsessed but who wouldn't be?! I mean £8 for something that screams Chanelo!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Boots Original Beauty Formula? Yes please!

Is anyone else loving the devine vintage packaging of the Boots Original Beauty Formula collection?

i'm a sucker for pretty packaging and I'm just in love with this range! The pastel colours, and clear glass bottles would look pretty on any bathroom shelf and what is even better is that these beautiful products don't come with the hefty price tag you might expect, in fact prices start from under £5. Bargin!

My Geek ranking just went up a notch....

...and i'm loving it!

This evening was my first proper web design class, and I learnt how to write HTML!! I'm so proud of myself, it's like i've opened the door to a whole new world that now makes sense to me!

I'm a long way off yet, but I'm at least one step closer to my dream...

(my dream is not to be a geek. just so you know)

My First Benevolent Postcard Society card!!!

I was thrilled today to come home and find that my first BPS card had finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!

My card (which was Van Gogh's 'Girl in white') had travelled all the way from Atlanta, Georgia! and was from Rebekah, it included a lovely note.

This has really brightened up my day!

I can't wait until next month to send and recieve another card!

If you haven't heard about the Benevolent Postcard Society, you can read about it here.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I heart Mass Market Art...

I just love the paintings of JH Lynch. Everyone has seen his 60s prints at some point, yet no one really knows about the Artist. Apparently he destroyed most of his work before he died...
I've had Tina (above) on my wall for a few years now, I got her for £1 at a car boot sale! Unfortunately I'm not having so much luck finding Nymph (below) for less that £60, and alot of the prints advertised on Ebay are reproductions. Have you seen Nymph or Tina anywhere????
Aren't they just fab?! They are also the insperation behind one of my favorite bars in Newcastle, Mr Lynch

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday 'pick me up'

There's something about Wednesdays.... I don't know about you but I start longing for the weekend at this point.
So to keep us all going, here are a few of the things inspiring me in the meantime....

photo by Rockie Nolan

Completely balmy and oh so cute...

I have a serious addiction to lip balm. I have tons of the stuff, I just can't help myself. There doesn't seem to be an indicator in my brain that tells me; 'stop, why are you buying this, you have enough at home!' I'm just instantly drawn to it's pretty packaging and delicious smell!

So my obsession was delighted when I recently discovered Andrea Garland's website. I'm in heaven!!! She sources vintage compacts, tins and pillboxes and fills them with the most divine natural balms. Each product is a one off, and what's even better is that when you've used it all up, you can get your tin refilled for a fraction of the original price!
I'm in love with these little gems..

Monday, 14 September 2009

A study in Anthropologie...

I CAN NOT WAIT for the opening of Anthropologie in London!!

I will be first in line when the doors open, and look, I've already done my homework......

Shopping list:

Fairwell to The London Paper!

This week sees the last week of publication for the city evening freesheet 'The London Paper' and I for one am sorry to see it go.

The paper launched 3 years ago, right around the same time I stepped off the train from Newcastle (young, sweet and er innocent...) to start my new job in London town. Sure, I toiled with 'the other paper' for a couple of weeks but TLP had me hooked from day one and ever since, it has made my bus journeys so much more enjoyable and well, has just become part of my life here.

Sadly, in this recent financial climate the paper has failed to make a prophet and the Murdochs have called time and pulled the plug. I really believe they could have turned this around, the paper has a loyal readership and could easily have commanded a small price. I would certainly have paid for it.

My evening commute will no longer be the same. What will I do without Girl about town, Boy about town, The Columnist and the cartoon 'Em'. And even more importantly, I have yet to be mentioned by my secret admirer in 'Lovestruck!'

I refuse to go to the dark side and give my legance to The London Lite. Instead, I think i'll have to invest in a better phone so I can surf and Girl about town's blog. It's either that or stair blankly into space, and that would never get me mentioned in Lovestruck!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Broken Embraces

I've just got in from watching Broken Embraces, such a gorgeous film!! every scene is beautifully shot,I'd gone to see it without having read anything of it's synopsis (my favorite way to see a film) and adored every second.
Penelope Cruz is amazing in it, I just love every scene with her in. I'm not usually her biggest fan but she definately captures you in this role. I think the image above is iconic!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I wish I was in NY!

SATC filming has begun and I wish I was there, stalking like last last time!!!! There's rumours they are filming some of the new movie in London, if that's true I will be in full on stalker mode once again! (Lindsey, you will be joining me).

I'm slightly concerned about the picture below though! Is that a PERM?! I really hope this is a 'flash back' scene, because if it's not and that's what Patricia Field wants us all to sport, then god help us. Because, what SATC says, usually goes.

Pictures via Look Magazine

September nights...

The view from my window this evening definately screams Summer is over. It's rainy & cold and getting dark already.

But I'm excited anyway for autumn for a several reasons:

  • I start my Web design course this month

  • I go to Paris soon!

  • I can't wait to take some lovely autumnal photos on my new Diana Camera!

  • Soon it will be Halloween, then bonfire night, then Christmas!
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