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Friday, 25 September 2009

The great cake debate - Hummingbird Bakery Vs Candy Cakes

Cupcakes. We all love them, that, I do not question. But something has been troubling me, Candy Cakes.

This bakery is quietly taking over stores across london with it's cutsy designs and acid lurid colours. Candy Cakes is getting rave celeb reviews from Madonna to Kate Moss (like a cake has ever passed her lips!) yet I really do not like this bakery.

Call me a traditionalist but I like my cupcakes simple but with amazing buttery icing and pretty glitteryness. Not the nasty bright colours on offer at candy cakes.

Let's look at the evidence shall we;

Candy Cakes

Pros: Fun designs, celeb following, good locations
Cons: Lurid colour icing, pricey (£3/cake), more 'muffin' shaped than cup cakes, taste dry and horrible, revolting flavours.

Hummingbird Bakery

Pros: Simple yet pretty designs and flavours, good value (£1.50-£2.00/cake) Great location on portobello rd
Cons: Small shop gets very busy

I think Humming Bird wins hands down. But I'm bias in this debate. What do you think? check them both out by following the links below and decide for yourself.

Where is your favourite cupcake shop? I feel an 'A-Z of cupcakes shops' post coming on....

Humming Bird

Candy Cakes


Lindsey said...

to have an opinion on this i must be taken to both to form an educated and informed opinion when i come visit eeekkk! x

Jenny S said...

For my birthday this year, I had a random London to do list and the Hummingbird bakery was on it. Unfortunately none of my things were near each other so I ended up in Candy Cakes instead... I completely agree, the colour, the flavours ick!

I still need to go to Hummingbird but I did find one of their cupcake and frosting recipes online. Its gorgeous!!

leah said...

oh wow, thanks for the link! in the name of research I feel it's my duty to make and try some!

hummingbird is a must on any london to do list! my other favorite cupcake places in london are Lola's (in selfridges) and peyton and byrne.

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