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Friday, 25 September 2009

Followers - Have you met each other?

It's so nice having people to share my ramblings with! but do you know each other? if not, follow the links below. Go on, have a good old stalk...

Lindsey - Pretty in Pink
"Introducing my online dream box. I created a 'dream box' a few years ago which features cuttings from magazines of all things i like, fashion, hair styles, furniture, wall colours, shoes etc. This is my cyber version, hope you like x"

Tasha B - NattyBumBum
"The ramblings of a me - an easily excitable girl with a love for all things cute, tasty and pretty. With a small concentration span, not very much patience or skills :-/ But that is set to change... "

Jenny S - Stitcher Scribbler
"I'm Jenny Shaw, a self-described Stitcher and Scribbler. I like to make my thoughts and ideas become real, through scribbling, stitching and discovering new things. Questions, comments and conversation are always welcome! "

Niki - B.U.T (Beauty) Blog & Niki's Make up Rehab
"Hi Im 23. I went to school for environmental studies but am now channeling more creative energy and wish to get into the wonderful art of make up and cosmetics. "

Becky - Teacups & Cupcakes
"I like my tea milky, no sugar. I enjoy cooking and baking, but will always try to get out of the washing up. Home is London, in a fourth floor flat with red geraniums in the window boxes, a cupboard full of second hand china and an old dressing table that I sanded down and re-painted myself."

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Jenny S said...

Oh this is so sweet of you! Thank you for giving me a mention and I will pop in on the others too xo

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