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Monday, 14 September 2009

Fairwell to The London Paper!

This week sees the last week of publication for the city evening freesheet 'The London Paper' and I for one am sorry to see it go.

The paper launched 3 years ago, right around the same time I stepped off the train from Newcastle (young, sweet and er innocent...) to start my new job in London town. Sure, I toiled with 'the other paper' for a couple of weeks but TLP had me hooked from day one and ever since, it has made my bus journeys so much more enjoyable and well, has just become part of my life here.

Sadly, in this recent financial climate the paper has failed to make a prophet and the Murdochs have called time and pulled the plug. I really believe they could have turned this around, the paper has a loyal readership and could easily have commanded a small price. I would certainly have paid for it.

My evening commute will no longer be the same. What will I do without Girl about town, Boy about town, The Columnist and the cartoon 'Em'. And even more importantly, I have yet to be mentioned by my secret admirer in 'Lovestruck!'

I refuse to go to the dark side and give my legance to The London Lite. Instead, I think i'll have to invest in a better phone so I can surf and Girl about town's blog. It's either that or stair blankly into space, and that would never get me mentioned in Lovestruck!

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