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Monday, 11 July 2011

oh the Good Life...

Whilst I love living in London, I do really appreciate having an outdoor space to grow things in and over the past year we have completely transformed our little garden from what was little more than wasteland, into a little bit heaven. I’m mostly proud our vegetables, it’s so nice being able to pop into the garden for some fresh herbs or the odd courgette. Soon our tomatoes will be ready to enjoy, along with lots of lovely new potatoes.

All we need now are some Chickens, a couple of pigs and maybe a beehive. Yep, just call me Barbara.

A crafty pint

My local pub the Stapleton Tavern has started to do monthly Craft afternoons, this pleases me! This Saturday it is Fabric printing which I've never tried before so should be interesting. I also heard a rumor they are starting knitting nights, which would be nice to sit by their fire as the autumn nights set in making pretty things.

I'm trying to get back into making things again, yesterday I started to make a crochet ballet cardigan for my friend Kat who is expecting a little girl later this year.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Favourite Childhood book, explains a lot.

I just found my favourite childhood book on Amazon, Sally's Secret. Sadly over the years I lost my copy, having lots of sisters generally meant our books were handed down, so lots got lost, many drawn all over (i remember my mum having to replace a rather defaced copy of Robert the Rose horse) or if they were particular favourites, simply fell to bits.

But Sally's Secret was my most favorite of all. A story about a girl who hosts a secret tea party in her garden it's no suprise as an adult I am obsessed with garden parties.

North East Coast

When I'm tired of life in the capital, I would love to move to the coast either Brighton or Tynemouth would be my preferences for different reasons.
I love the north east coastline, there are so many unspoilt beaches, King Edwards Bay and Durage Bay being my favourites. Being minutes away from the beautiful sandy beaches is something I miss when I'm in London, as even the nearest coastline is a train journey away and is mostly pebble beaches.
I remember summer evenings in my late teens spent heading to the beach and chilling out with my friend Sas, drinking cold beers, or hot summer days in the caves of Colourcoats (not usually one of my fav beaches)swimming in warm shallow pools left by the tide.

I went for a day out to Tynemouth with my parents the other week to explore the huge flee market and then for a nice drive up to blyth and whilst I was there thought I'd test out my vignette app.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I just bought this bike!

So excited! it looks just like the Raleigh Heather I had as a kid! I hated it when bikes like this were no longer considered 'cool'. I was not a fan of mountain bikes!

Now, this may have been the worst spur of the moment decision i have ever made as riding it might be an issue! i havent cycled since i was 17 :-s

Utility Chic

Nowhere inspires me to blog quite as much as Brighton and my last trip was no exception when I stumbled upon Utility.

This treasure trove of WW2 era functional kitchen/dinning ware is such a treat. Think Fishes Eddy NYC meets traditional hardware store. The owners are so lovely and friendly, and are clearly passionate about what they do and the little world they are aiming to create

I wanted to buy everything in sight but unfortunately would not have been able to carry everything back to London so I have wisely decided to wait for the launch of their online shop(which I am eagerly anticipating), so I can go crazy!

My favorites were the selection of Enamel dishes & mugs and amzing Tea towls.

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