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Sunday, 10 July 2011

North East Coast

When I'm tired of life in the capital, I would love to move to the coast either Brighton or Tynemouth would be my preferences for different reasons.
I love the north east coastline, there are so many unspoilt beaches, King Edwards Bay and Durage Bay being my favourites. Being minutes away from the beautiful sandy beaches is something I miss when I'm in London, as even the nearest coastline is a train journey away and is mostly pebble beaches.
I remember summer evenings in my late teens spent heading to the beach and chilling out with my friend Sas, drinking cold beers, or hot summer days in the caves of Colourcoats (not usually one of my fav beaches)swimming in warm shallow pools left by the tide.

I went for a day out to Tynemouth with my parents the other week to explore the huge flee market and then for a nice drive up to blyth and whilst I was there thought I'd test out my vignette app.

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