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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What do you do with 100 Courgettes?

We planted loads of courgette plants earlier this year thinking some wouldn't grow. They all grew. Massively!Plus, I had no idea each courgette plant would produce so many vegetables! So now we have literally tons of them!
So far, I have made courgette cake, lemon courgettes, and courgette fritters. I can tell I'm going to maybe get sick of the sight of them! In the meantime, anyone have any nice recipies?

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nattybumbum said...

wow that is a lot of courgettes, You know if you chop them and bag them i think you can freeze them and then take out a portion/bag when you want to add it to something - chilli, mixed veg curry, a moussaka could be nice what about a lil fritata i was gonna say courgette cake but you had already done that, how'd that work out for you? x

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