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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Something to pass the time on a rainy evening

I was tagged by Becky at Teacups, cupcakes

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?

I tend to pass on my favorite books, so not a lot
The Alchemist, paulo coelho
The Five people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albom
Sex and the city kiss and tell.
2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?

I only own about 5 DVDs! (and I wouldn't say these represent my favorite films) but my favs out of the 5 are Marie Antoinette, and Steal Magnolias.

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?

I have a chocolate cookbook and a cocktail recipies one (do cocktails count?)

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests:

Chili con carne!

5. What will we be drinking that's available?

And  to keep this going, I will tag:
Lindsey at Pretty in Pink
Tasha at Nattybumbum
and Jenny at Stitcher Scribbler

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Jenny S said...

Of course cocktail books count! hee hee

Thanks for tagging me!

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