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Sunday, 4 October 2009

I'm feeling crafty

For years I have watched and admired my mum crochet the most wonderful things and wished I could do it too! so today she has tought me some basic stitches and i'm actually getting the hang of it! I'm trying to make a throw for my bed, but finding wool in London is not as easy as I thought.

Whilst I'm on the the craft subject, look what I found in a charity shop today for £5 each!!! all this kath kidston fabric! there's about 2 meteres of each pattern (it's usually £18 a metre) Jackpot!!

So now my head is swimming with ideas of what I can use it for!


nattybumbum said...

ok i'm getting jealous now first you win the competition, then you make the lovely card, then you have a lovely trip to brighton and to top it off you buy bargain fabrics and learn to crochet geeze I want your life! :-)

Jenny S said...

Oh you lucky thing!! That fabric is gorgeous!

And if you are looking for wool in London, I think this place may just be wooly heaven

leah said...

Tash, I'll send my mum to visit you she'll have you making things in no time! btw, I'm jealous of all the wool you found in your mum's loft! (maybe we should do a mum swap?) I told her you are the queen of sock monkeys, so she's already packing her bags!

Thanks for the link Jenny, I'll have to check it out! (and keep checking the charity shops I guess)

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