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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Anthropologie - At least Ideas don't have a hefty price tag!

I'm a HUGE fan of anthropology so I could not wait for the London store to open, I have been counting the days as you well know. So it pains me deeply to say this:

I paid a visit as soon as I could in the store's opening week and I was so so annoyed about the pricing compared with the US! devistatingly so in fact. Some of the prices are simply not justified, especially in a recession. I did go there with the intention of blowing my budget but I really could not let myself. What made it more annoying was the numerous 'IT' girls filling there baskets to the brim. This is a shop that in the US was a little pricy but not too so, here in London, it is extortionate!
However, the store had literally just opened and it was packed so I will give it another go at a quieter time so I can have a proper wander round in a more relaxing atmosphere. I also can't wait for the january sale, as the Union square store does fab sales!
Your can't deny that the store looks amazing though!! and one thing I did leave with was lots of ideas, and they don't cost a thing!


Rhianne said...

I probably wouldn't buy anything either which upsets me as its all so pretty - I can't wait to look around though.

Megan said...

oh, that is too bad!

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