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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Carving pumpkins no longer cuts it

As a Brit, I would say that we don't celebrate the autumn season nearly as well as the US do. Here, you carve a pumkin for Halloween and thats where it ends. But the first time I went to New York in Nov 07 i noticed that the season is much more celebrated. Houses and streets are beautifully adorned with dried flowers, painted sparkly pumpkins and bunches of indian maize. The west village in particular was trully my favorite, these Glittery pumpkins on Charles street stopped me in my tracks. How fabulous are these?

I'm dying to try this myself and this year i've noticed i'm not the only one, this year i've seen painted pumpkins appearing everywhere. These ones at tales from an OC cottage are bling perfection. I don't know, maybe you're reading this in the US and thinking 'where has this girl been? we've been doing this for years' but as I said earlier, we British don't do Autumn well (in my opinion) and I can't understand why. Although we do have bonfire night which is one of my favourite celebrations.

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nattybumbum said...

Ooo gorgeous! You have to post some pics if you decorate one yourself. Read your post about Anthro the other day gutted that it's sooo expensive but it is sooo good that you can spend time wandering around and gathering ideas. I used to just go in to look at displays as I could go there and get a hito n my lunch break :-)

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