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Sunday, 18 October 2009

oh christmas tree...

I know it's only October but i'm already excited about Christmas!

Can you believe i've never had a real christmas tree?! my mother didn't like them and since moving out years ago, i've just never had the space. However, now I do and this year I can't wait to decorate for christmas!! So be prepared for many many tree related posts.

I've slowly began to collect decorations, (my first purchase being some vintage glass baubles on ebay) I want my tree to have random decorations (not matchy matchy) I love these felt creations by Rosy little things I'm also a big fan of scandinavian decorations (which I hope to find in Norway next month!!)
I may too try and make some of my own, there are so many things which I think look cute, like threaded popcorn and gingerbread men.

Eeeh I can't wait to trim the tree whilst drinking mulled wine and listening to cliff richard!


Jenny S said...

I need some of that Xmas excitement. Been trying to make decorations for weeks...

The deer is so cute! xo

Lindsey said...

i bought my first Xmas decoration the other day so cute, roll on Christmas time such a magical time of year and always beautifully decorated! x

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