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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Staycation in a Beach Hut please...

Summers nearly over (when did it start?! I hear you say) and yet i'm still day dreaming about getting away for a holiday. Vacations are out apparently, everyone in my office is talking about the 'Staycation'. Which got me thinking, if I was to holiday somewhere in the UK what would I do? Well, hiring one of these lovely beach huts would be one fabulous idea. I just love their kitch charm. If I had my own it would be full of Kath Kitson style florals, bunting and seashells. Lovely!
Hmmm but I just learnt that Huts can cost as much as £160,000! now as much as I love the idea of owning one, even I think that's excessive for what is actually little more than a shed with a view.
Oh but what a view it would be!

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