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Friday, 28 December 2012

Beat a Cold in style

Today I have that evil tell tale sore thoat and general icky feeling that signifies a cold coming on. For me, the worst thing about having a cold is not so much feeling ill but feeling messy, disheveled and generally disgusting. Aside from reaching for the flu plus tablets, here are my personal 5 ways to cheat a cold in style.

1.Clear house = Clear head
As soon as I have the feeling that a cold is coming on, I blitz the house while I still feel well. Carpets are hoovered, kitchen and bathroom are scrubbed and washing is done and put away. Being ill is bad enough but having a mess around you too is only going to make you feel worse. A lovely clean house is half the battle won in my opinion.

2. A bed you would pay to sleep in.
Rest is best for a cold so ditch the duvet that hasn't been in the wash for over a week and make a point of changing your sheets as soon as you can (even if they've just been done the other day). I know that being bunged up will keep me awake so I mitigate the risk as much as I can by making my bed as comfy and lovely as possible. I'm a bit OCD with this one, I'll even iron my sheets with vaporess so they feel even fresher and put a few drops of olbas oil on the pillow. For me, the sore throat is replaced the next day with evil blocked nose and achy body. But with my lovely bed sorted the day before, it's leah 1, cold 0!

3. Put something good back in.
Our bodies are good at fighting colds but give them a helping hand by feeding it with tasty healthy food instead of junk. Spicy soups and curries work a treat for me. Firstly they unblock your breathing momentarily and secondly when you're unable to taste much, spicey food still gets through your numbed senses. I try to avoid dairy as it makes you more mucussy (sorry, I couldn't avoid the word). Instead for a hot drink I either have good old honey and fresh lemon juice with a bit of fresh ginger or one part fresh orange with one part boiling water.

4. Dont be a slob.
Obviously,  i'm not saying you shouldn't take it easy if you feel lousy, but wallowing in your ill misery won't help. No matter how ill I am (and I'm not talking about anything more serious than a cold people) I still try to get up, get a shower (menthol shampoo works wonders), and put clean PJs on. Also, keep a waste paper basket by your bed for all the tissues. Waking up with used tissues around you isn't pleasant.

5. Binge on a boxset.
Dont get sucked into daytime tv and endless accident claim adverts. Indulge in some back to back episodes of your favorite show or that US drama you've been meaning to get into. Its not often you can enjoy so much tv, guilt free!
Of course in a perfect world id employ servants, but in the meantime, the above helps me get one over the lurgy!

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