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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Now we can all be Ariel...

....and we don't have to trade our beautiful* voices with an overweight octopus.

Ever wanted to go out dressed like an Aristocat but have been deterred by the irritating fact that its not really socially acceptable (and a bit ridiculed)?

Probably not but, you will just adore this tumblr blog Disneybound. It pulls together fantastic looks inspired by all our favourite Disney characters (plus some you've never heard of). It is sheer genius and wont have you looking like a 'kooky' try hard teenager.

I'm not talking Gaga kermit dresses or anything, just subtle ideas that channel our childhood princess heroins.

They even have a Prince Eric look hmmm. Yes, I am aware that it's wrong to have a cartoon crush but Prince Eric is CLEARLY the exeption to the rule.

I could spend hours on this website.

*yes that's right, beautiful. In my head.

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